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Andre Benjamin is Jimi Frickin’ Hendrix in “All is By My Side” [VIDEO]


all is by my side trailer

Jimi Hendrix is finally getting the biopic treatment in the new movie All is By My Side–and Andrew 3000 might be an Oscar contender.

The movie stars Andrew Benjamin (aka Andre 3000) as the master guitarist in his early days. That would be before Hendrix became the rock icon that would shape countless groups and the whole of rock ‘n roll as we know it. Hendrix became a celebrity by spending a year in London, England playing in whatever clubs and music halls would have him and his extremely loud and proud style of music. It’s not one of the more widely known stories in the annals of rock history. but Hendrix had a number of collaborators and friends who helped shape his unique sound.

The film culminates with The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s legendary performance at the Monterey Pop Festival where he officially became an icon and served as the setting for that famous image of Hendrix burning his guitar on stage before a ravenous audience. If you’re any kind of Hendrix fan (and you should be), check out the trailer…

It’s kind of staggering to realize that no one has even made a serious attempt to tell even part of Hendrix’s story in a full length motion picture until just now. Hollywood may be pushing out musical biopics as often as the Octomom pushes out babies like the upcoming James Brown movie Get It Onbut if anybody deserves one, it’s Jimi Frickin’ Hendrix and The Jimi Frickin’ Hendrix Experience.

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