Check Out the Trailer for the James Brown Biopic "Get On Up" [VIDEO]

Another biopic about a legendary musician is heading to a theater near you and this time, it’s about James Brown. Universal Studios just released a new trailer for Get On Up.
Just like the other biographical musician movies, Get On Up will take a long look at the hard, tough life of the Hardest Working Man in Show Business and the road that him to become the Godfather of Soul. This time, Chadwick Boseman will play James Brown after a whirlwind performance as Jackie Robinson in the critically acclaimed movie 42 alongside Oscar nominated Viola Davis as Brown’s estranged mom. You’ll remember Davis from the movie The Help directed by Tate Taylor who also directed Get On Up. The film is scheduled to be released on Aug. 1st.
[protected-iframe id=”d07991d2ced89ea880ed3fb9a89a25cb-3508545-13345960″ info=”” width=”600″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]
Pretty much every corner of a person’s life is fair game in biopics like these. Oliver Stone’s The Doors examined Jim Morrison’s heavy drug use and path of personal self destruction. Ray starring Jamie Foxx looked at Ray Charles’ habitual cheating and heroin addiction. No part of James Brown’s life will be off-limits either. That includes his rough upbringing as a child when his mother abandoned him to his drug problems and even some of his run-ins with the law. It’s pretty much all fair game in a movie like this. For some reason, even the darkest corner of a musician’s life seems to shape their drive to become a musical great. Personally, we’re hoping the movie will reenact one of Brown’s and TV’s greatest celebrity interviews.

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