Mark Mulder Live Tweets "Moneyball"

Moneyball has been out for nearly three years now, but former Oakland Athletics pitcher Mark Mulder–who was part of the real-life team that the movie follows–never got around to seeing it. It looks like Mulder finally got around to watching Moneyball, though, and stayed on his Twitter account to live-tweet his opinions. Which looked like this…

Well, Moneyball is just a movie, after all. Some things are going to be different than in real life. The problem is that Mulder decided on Tweeting the whole time during the movie. Is the guy planning on being a movie critic, or is he just going to keep Twittering about whatever’s going on in his life? Oh, well–this still makes for a very interesting look at what one player thought of a movie that he was actually a part of in real life. Mulder might want to put the Twitter away next time, though.

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