Donald Sterling Says Doc Who Declared Him Incompetent Can't Be Trusted

Donald Sterling is still angry about what happened with the Los Angeles Clippers and…well, himself. Now the racial lightning rod is going after the doctor who said that Sterling’s mental capacity was compromised. Sterling is going to argue in court next week that the doctor went out drinking after the exam. We’d probably need a drink after examining Sterling, too, but the L.A. Clippers owner says the doc went out drinking with Sterling’s estranged wife Shelly and a family friend. Oh, and Donald Sterling, too.
Sterling is trying to find every angle on how to get the Clippers back. He will challenge every single thing that has happened since he was forced to sell the team after his racist comments were made public. That’s even with the team sold to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer for nearly $2 billion.
The trial is scheduled to start on July 7th. It’s going to be a very explosive four days with everything that is likely going to come out in the process. If the drinking affected what happened with the mental capacity decision, then Sterling may have a case to get his team back. We’re thinking that going out for drinks with Donald Sterling is pretty questionable right there.

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