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Watch A Car Run Over The Head of A Very Lucky Drunk Guy [VIDEO]


car head

A man lying in a street got his head run over by a car and the amazing part is that he’s not dead or even seriously injured.

The accident happened in Myslowice, Poland and someone caught the moment on their cell phone and uploaded the footage to YouTube. 25-year-old Jarek Sawickio had been enjoying a few too many drinks when he became tired and thought he’d lie down in the street for a little nap. He failed to realize that cars tend to be on streets and one of them was backing up when they failed to see him and ran their car directly over Sawickio’s head. An ambulance took him to a nearby hospital and he was released the next day with only some cuts and abrasions to his noggin, even though a friggin’ car just ran over his friggin’ head.

A passerby saw the man lying in the street and recorded him on his cell phone. It’s a little jarring to see so we don’t recommend watching it if you’re squeamish. The rest of you sick bastards should feel free to enjoy it…

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