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25 Reasons To Watch Out For Summer [PHOTOS]


25 Reasons To Watch Out For Summer1

It looks like a few places are going to get seriously hot as we head into the 4th of July weekend–with even our beloved Portland looking at 90 degree temperatures. We can’t complain too much about all that. COED is more into celebrating summer than dreading those months, if only because 90 degrees sounds like prime bikini weather to us. In fact, that’s why July is celebrated with hot babes as National Bikini Month.

And yet certain things wilt in hot weather. Yes, no matter how many hot bikini babes are around. So indulge in this public-service warning as we provide a few pics to remind you that the summer sun can be pretty punishing. We’ve tried to keep it real, too. There aren’t any fake melted things (or creatures) included here. At least, we don’t think so. That would be cheating–although we’ll admit that a sculpture of a Melted Ice-Cream Truck is pretty cool…

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