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Check Out “Sunset Overdrive’s” Co-op Mode in This Trailer [VIDEO]


sunset overdrive

The Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive unveiled a new multiplayer mode–called “Chaos Squad”–that will let eight or more players blast mutants into the stratosphere.

The online multiplayer mode is basically an extension of the principle, single player game. If you didn’t catch the trailer or game footage from the recent E3 gathering, here are the basics. You’re a suburban punk stuck in the middle of a post-apocalyptic reorganization of humanity thanks to a toxic energy drink that turns some of its addicted public into bloated, bloodthirsty mutant zombies. You use an assortment of MacGyver-esque weapons and some parkour skills to thin the mutant herd’s numbers and stop the energy drink from dooming all of mankind. Think of it as a mix between the skating skills of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and the wanton violence and destruction of Gears of War.

The “Chaos Squad” mode puts together eight players in a series of maps and lets them fight increasing waves of mutants and even some simultaneous boss battles. The later levels also require a bit more strategy as players set out a series of traps before the mutants are unleashed. It plays like an extension of the main game by putting together a series of levels that lead up to an ultimate showdown and a final boss battle. It even lets you earn power-ups and weapons that you can take back with you to the main single player game. This looks like a fun way to do a multiplayer mode for a game. It’s more than just a random map that lets you run around and kill your friends over and over again in an endless cycle.

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