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“Ghostbusters” Gets the Tarantino Treatment in This Claymation [VIDEO]


quentin tarantino's ghost busters

Ghostbusters 3 may still be in development hell but an ambitious animator gave us of his vision of the next Ghostbusters movie if Hollywood had the balls to put Quentin Tarantino in charge of the production.

Animator Lee Hardcastle tried to imagine what it would be like if the director of Inglorious Basterds, Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction turned his attention to Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis’ insane idea for a comedy. It features the cartoon version of the Ghostbusters from The Real Ghost Busters Saturday morning cartoon series instead of the flesh and blood characters probably because they look better in clay. The short movie references Tarantino’s movies with the same gleeful view of violence and destruction that Tarantino packs into every film he makes. Instead of gunfire and blood, it’s full of proton packs and ectoplasm. Check it out but you might want to put on some headphones if you’re watching it at work…

Hardcastle is one twisted motherf#*$er. His YouTube videos are homages to great, bloody horror films and claymation is the perfect medium because they make his monsters and mangled bodies look even more twisted and wrong. He’s done a super short version of the original Evil Dead, all cat versions of The Raid and The Thing and he even did a short film for the horror anthology movie The ABCs of DeathWe’ve waited so long for the next Ghostbusters to come out that we’re sure to be disappointed so let’s just let Hardcastle write and animate the next one because we know whatever he produces will be awesome.

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