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New “Into The Storm” Trailer: Things Get Worse [VIDEO]


“This one is bigger than any storm’s that’s ever been,” says Sarah Wayne Callies in the new trailer for Into the Storm–and that’s probably true if we aren’t counting The Day After Tomorrow back in 2004. Remember that one? It was pretty cool. Anyway, we’ve gotten excited over Into The Storm before, and really like how it kind of sneaked into the summer movie schedule without any hype.

Now we’re getting a better idea of what’s happening here. We’re thinking that Into the Storm might be a found-footage disaster movie, or at least it’s going to incorporate found footage. We’re not sure if high-school kids are running around with high-def cameras nowadays, though. We’re also not sure what kind of people would keep filming while a building fell apart around them.

Into the Storm still looks like lots of fun. You should watch the first trailer for a better final image, but there’s plenty of mayhem here. Take a look and start worrying about tornados more than you were about five minutes ago…

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