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10 of the Most Ridiculous Red Cards Ever [VIDEOS]


10 Most Ridiculous Red Cards Ever

Soccer players are easily among the most insane athletes–physically and mentally–around the world. Some of these guys make Ron Artest and Mike Tyson look like cute puppies, some of them even toss puppies! Here are some of the most outrageous red card moments out there.

David Beckham trips Diego Simeone

After taking a questionable hit from behind by David Simeone back in the 1998 World Cup, a sprawled-out Beckham lifts his foot and proceeds to trip Simeone.

Javier Mascherano Kicks the Medic

The World Cup always brings out the best in some players, and the worst in others. As Mascherano was being treated by a medic in a World Cup qualifier between Argentina and Equador in 2013, he kicked the medic for going too fast…needless to say, his injury clearly did not need immediate attention.

Eden Hazard Kicks the Ball Boy

(You might want to start at 1:10 for this one) Keeping with the kicking-theme, This player is quite a ‘hazard’ for a Capital One Cup ball boy. After the ball boy dove on the ball and refused to give it up to Hazard, he proceeded to kick the ball boy until he gave it up.

Neymar Celebrates with a Mask of Himself

After a beautiful solo goal against Colo Colo in a Copa Libertadores match, Neymar celebrated in odd fashion by putting on a mask of his own face…the ref was not amused.

Ashley Vickers Tackles a Borat Streaker

After a streaker dressed in the infamous Borat man-kini took the pitch, Vickers saved everyone a few scarring moments by taking out the streaker. Ironically, after receiving the red card, players from both teams argued in Vickers’ favor!


Enzo Jimenez Tosses a Dog

It is one thing to attack another player or a referee, but a stray dog? That’s just wrong. When the stray k-9 took the field this Argentina-native took matters into his own hands and throws the dog into the fence. Thankfully, it looks like the dog landed on its feet and was ok, however, all this move landed Jimenez was a well-deserved red card.

Insane Zinedine Zidane Headbutt

This infamous red card moment happend in the final of the 2006 World Cup. Making it one of the most well-known ridiculous penalties in the history of international athletics. What caused this stellar headbutt to the sternum of  Marco Materazzi? Supposedly, Materazzi said some unsavory things about Zinedine’s sister. In this case, here at Coed we understand Zidane’s frustration. It appears as though Materazzi got what was coming to him.

Suarez Chows Down on…Everyone

Here’s a funny vine compilation of Suarez taking a bite out of not one, not two, but three players over the course of his career. The latest of which happened on the big stage  at Uraguay’s 2014 World Cup match against Italy. Unfortunately for Suarez, he won’t be able to take a bite out of opposing players for 4 months due to his suspension.

Suarez wasn’t carded for his last transgression but he was banned by FIFA from participating in games, events, and even walking into a stadium for 4 months.

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