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Some College Stadiums are Considering Beer Sales


It seems unthinkable in some parts of America that there are still some college football stadiums that don’t offer beers to their thirsty customers but it looks like it’s about to change very soon.

USA Today reported that several dry campuses such as Southern Methodist University and Texas A&M are very close to changing their policies on selling beers during the big game. They realized how much money they’ve been missing out on by keeping their fans dry during the game and are starting to come up with security procedures that will ensure no underage drinkers are able to buy alcohol in the stadium.

Believe it or not, it’s one of the few areas of the game that the NCAA doesn’t have some ridiculous rule on that prevents schools from selling alcohol during the game. It’s mainly been up to each individual school whether or not they want to sell alcohol in their stadiums. So far, most of the schools that are toying with the idea of selling beer and wine during the game started by offering it during basketball games just to see how much money would come in and if it caused any problems and the results so far have been very positive.

So why the sudden change of heart? College sports programs are preparing for a change in costs because of contracts with the TV networks over their game broadcasts and the possibility that they might have to start (gasp!) paying their players in the wake of Northwestern’s right to unionize¬†win. We really don’t care about the¬†economic reasons. There are few things on this Earth that can make a bad college football game more tolerable than beer so these decisions are OK by us.

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