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Chromeo Talks “White Women,” My Girlfriend, And Johnny Appleseed Hard Cider [INTERVIEW]



Last week we had the chance to sit down with the Chromeo before they kicked off the summer with the launch of Johnny Appleseed Cider up in Boston. To celebrate the joyous occasion, the “Funk Lordz” and CBS NFL Broadcaster Jenny Dell partied with a 26-foot ice luge and hundreds of fans at the Seaport World Trade Center.

This event marks the second time that Chromeo has worked with Johnny Appleseed. If you watch the first commercial for the cider you might notice the song “Jealous (I Ain’t With It)” playing in the background. It’s the perfect choice for a beverage that wants to be equated with summertime.

As big fans of Chromeo, we jumped on the opportunity to talk to them about their new airline’s bathrooms, their plans for the summer, and why I shouldn’t bring my girlfriend to their next show. Read the full interview below.


COED: How are you doing? How’s Boston treating you?

CHROMEO: Boston’s treating me really good. Just the way I like Boston to treat me.

COED: That’s great. So are you there with P-Thug right now? Or is it just you?

CHROMEO: Nah, it’s me and P. It’s me on the line, but P is here. If you have a question for him, I’ll patch him over.

COED: Alright, so I’ll ask you the first question then you can – what’s your favorite song on the new album?

CHROMEO: Umm, on that one were actually gonna be unanimous ‘cause our favorite song for both of us is “Lost on the Way Home.”

COED: So what are you guys up to this summer that you’re most excited about?

CHROMEO: Umm, there’s a few things. But, I wanna say our shows at Red Rocks is one of the things we’re most excited about because we never headlined at that venue and we put together a bill with a bunch of friends and like other artists we respect and love and so it’s gonna be a really special, special concert. But, we’re hitting so many big festivals from Oceana to Lalapalooza to Electric Daisy in Vegas this weekend. We’ve got a lot of exciting live shows.

COED: Let me stop you there. I’m actually really glad you said Red Rocks because that’s one of the venues I really wanted to ask you about. I know that you’re performing with Flume and who are some of the other guys that are going to be there with you?

CHROMEO: Cut Copy, Flume, and Duke Dumont.

COED: So, what’s performing at Red Rocks like? I’ve never been before.

CHROMEO: Well I never preformed at Red Rocks either. We did one festival appearance there but it wasn’t in the natural amphitheater. I wouldn’t know what it feels like–that’s kinda why we did it. But I can tell you one thing: the sound is unbelievable. I saw the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s over there during that same festival and because all the rock, the acoustics are unreal.

COED: That’s great that it doesn’t just look cool, but that it sounds cool too.

CHROMEO: Oh no, it sounds incredible.

 Johnny Appleseed World's Largest Ice Luge Event

COED: I think you probably know this, but two of your tracks have actually been used for FIFA games in the past. I’m a huge FIFA fan but I was wondering if you guys had any picks or follow any team in particular in the World Cup?

CHROMEO: The World Cup–let me tell you something–the World Cup is fixed. So, if Brazil doesn’t win that means there’s a real problem.

COED: [Laughter] Alright. That’s fair.

CHROMEO: And I would kind of like think it sounds cool for the narrative if that the country that scores a goal against itself in the first game and ends up winning. I would kind of like that idea. Straight-up.

COED: Alright, so let’s talk a little more about the album White Women. Tell me about Oliver.

CHROMEO: We collaborated with this production duo that’s based out of LA that’s called Oliver. And it was actually the first time we’ve ever collaborated with any other producers. So, it was great to collaborate with them. We worked on them on more than half the record, but as a body of work we produced it.

COED: What was the reason you guys wanted to work with them?

CHROMEO: Absolutely, we just felt like we needed to revamp our sound on this record and modernize it a little bit. And I think when you’ve done three albums, you need to set new challenges for a new one. After a certain amount of albums, it’s kind of nice to set new challenges and change the formula. And we wanted to kind of build a new paradigm for Chromeo and that’s why we have special guests on this record and we have co-producers on this record, so yeah.

COED: Excuse my French but I f*cking love your music. I actually met my girlfriend who I’m dating now at one of your shows. She was going to meet her boyfriend at the show you played at Terminal 5 a few years ago and we actually met up there. A day later she broke up with him and we started dating.

CHROMEO: Damn, you just swerved on that dude, huh?

COED: Exactly. But my point is that a lot of what you talk about is love and romance–even failed love and stuff–that’s one of the reasons I love your fun sound, besides the fact it’s really funky. But, what do you say to the guys that can’t dance? What would your suggestion be to the guys at one of your shows who can’t really dance?

CHROMEO: You gotta pull an Elaine from Seinfeld and just dance anyway. There’s no “can” or “can’t” dance. There’s dance well, in a traditional sense, and there’s dance really badly–which is actually funny and cooler in our opinion. So, just do what you gotta do. Our music is not prohibitous. It’s–on the contrary–inclusive, I think.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 3.45.36 PM

COED: Hopefully some of our readers can heed some of your advice and finally open up. Speaking of openers, I saw you guys preformed with Pedro from Ed Banger a few weeks ago in Paris. What’s he like?

CHROMEO: Oh, I mean he’s a really, really old friend of Chromeo’s before our first album. You know, we’ve known him for years and he’s always sort of been a mentor in the biz for us. And it was really cool, he’s like ‘Oh, you guys are coming to Paris? Let me just open for you guys.’ Like he straight-up offered to come and open for us. And, you know, I mean, I think he’s done a lot for electronic music.

COED: He’s an absolute legend. So, I mean, if you’re gonna go to Paris –

CHROMEO: He’s done a lot to bring electronic music to a new audience. I mean, you have to remember like, you know, there was a time – 10 years ago or so – where electronic music was like a very mysterious, very nerdy thing. And there was like you know “German-techno” and stuff like that. And Pedro is one of the people that made it cool and fun and young.

COED: Yea, I didn’t really listen to electronic music much back then, but I can only imagine. All I know is he’s a legend, like I said. So, cider–have you guys had the Johnny Appleseed yet?

Johnny Appleseed World's Largest Ice Luge Event

CHROMEO: We’re gonna have our first taste-test now.

COED: Have you ever had cider before?

CHROMEO: Yea, of course.

COED: Do you drink with or without ice? Very important question.

CHROMEO: Ice! You need the ice. Why do you think we’re building a 25-foot ice luge?

COED: That’s a fantastic point. It’s really the only way to drink it.

CHROMEO: 25-feet isn’t big enough? Like yeah, you need ice.

COED: I agree, you guys will not be licking the tower, correct?

CHROMEO: …Nobody’s licking the ice. No licking.


COED:  Alright, I’ve gotta ask this, you guys have been in the news a lot recently with this Mallard Airlines– what’s up with that? What’s goin on with Mallard Airlines?

CHROMEO: The administration refuses to comment.

COED: Fair enough, is Duck Sauce going to be getting in on that partnership with you at all?

CHROMEO: The administration refuses to comment–we are sworn to secrecy.

COED: Do you have any suggestions for an airline? Like, if you guys were anything else but business partners what would be one thing you would make happen on an airline?

CHROMEO: Unlimited baggage allowance and priority given to oversize baggage and you know how like some people have tons of different types of hot sauce at their house? We would do a hot sauce cart. Actually, that’s what we’re gonna do. I’m not supposed to say that, but we’re going to do that on Mallard. So instead of like a beverage cart, once you’ve had your meal, you have somebody coming through the isle with a hot sauce cart. 25 different kinds of hot sauce you can just pick and add to your meal.

COED: Clearly, you guys are going to have great bathrooms to be able to equip that, I’m sure.

CHROMEO: Absolutely! Yes, wet wipes in all the bathrooms.

COED: That’s important. [Laughter]. Alright, Dave thanks a lot for your time. You guys are awesome – like I said. We love you here and you guys are performing in New York City sometime soon right?

CHROMEO: Central Park on September 12th. I hope you’re still with that girl on that date. I hope she doesn’t dumped you for another guy at that show, ’cause that’s what she seems to be doing after a Chromeo show.

COED: Well, I guess I’m going by myself. Can’t bring her along for that reason.

CHROMEO: Exxaccctttllyyy. That’s smart, very good approach.

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