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Brad Pitt Wins WWII in “FURY” Trailer: Shia’s In There, Too [VIDEO]


Brad Pitt had a mysterious scar around his neck in Inglorious Basterds, but we’re thinking that we might learn more about the scars that he’s sporting in the new trailer for the WWII actioner Fury. The whole movie seems to be a lot more realistic than Quentin Tarantino’s take on the American forces’ trip to Europe. Pitt’s character is called “Wardaddy,” but we’re pretty sure that Hitler won’t get killed in this one, and we’re not expecting any David Bowie songs on the soundtrack.

Fury is more about American forces trying to clean up Germany and stay alive in the final days of World War II–and we’re guessing that his new assistant tank driver isn’t going to make it easy to see the end of the conflict. There’s also Michael Pena and Shia LaBeouf in his tank crew. Scott Eastwood is somewhere in the movie, although we’re pretty sure that we don’t see him in the trailer. We’ll watch it again, though–and you should check it out, if only because it’s going to be the manliest movie to ever feature a guy sporting a haircut like Brad Pitt’s….

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