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“Dracula Untold” Trailer Tells Dracula’s Untold Origin Story [VIDEO]


dracula untold

Another movie about Dracula is heading to theaters later this year–and  Dracula Untold that aims to tell the origin story of the world’s most infamous vampire.

Luke Evans stars in the title role as a Dracula before he became the wench seducing, blood sucking vampire. He’s portrayed as a simple family man in a land forced into war where the town’s children are drafted as young warriors. Dracula refuses to let his family be torn apart and slaughtered by such madness so he turns to the dark side to become the ultimate killing machine. Of course, such dark power can change good men in ways no mere mortal can fathom and he eventually turns into the evil force that has horrified mankind for so many centuries. The trailer is really worth checking out…

It’s got this great mix of medieval horror and epic war that we really haven’t see in a while. Movies like this often take themselves way too seriously and end up losing some of the caliber that makes them unique but a movie that tells Dracula’s origin story has a unique appeal that sounds interesting. He’s probably the most famous movie monster in history who’s been inserted into an endless number of movies and none of them have really touched on how he became such a great force for evil. We’re just so used to the idea of Dracula that we’ve accepted him as an evil monster all this time. If this movie works, it could put a fun, fresh spin on the guy and even reinvigorate him for a whole new generation of horror fans.

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