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Best Twitter Reactions To Lebron James And #TheDecision2



Today’s NBA bombshell news comes from the Lebron James camp. King James’ agent has announced that he will be opting out of his Miami Heat contract and become a free agent. ESPN, the first people to announce the story, reported that LBJ will turn down $20.5 million next year. [lead image via TheWhistle]

Does this mean that Lebron isn’t returning to Miami? Absolutely not. But when the best player in the NBA (which he is, make no mistake about it) is potentially available, people are going to start talking.

Of course, that’s exactly what people on Twitter did. And of course, #TheDecision2 started trending.

Just saying that if the Carmelo Anthony doesn’t watch his step, King James could very well take his spot on the Knicks roster. That’d be some serious sneaky Zen Master stuff right there.

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