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Creepy U.S. Naval War College Professor In Trouble Over Penis Pic




Our favorite pompous academic is in some totally hilarious trouble after a racy photo surfaced on the Internet.

We’ve already shown you some of the moronic Twitterings of John Schindler, who’s very much impressed with himself as a National Security Affairs professor at the U.S. Naval War College. Now Professor Schindler has taken a leave of absence from the military college, following a complaint from an unidentified blogger that first made the school aware of the unusual image.

According to several news reports, the photo features an unidentified man’s exposed genitalia with the professor’s name written on top of it. (There are also some creepy alleged Schindler emails, too.) The photo first made the rounds on Twitter before the school received the complaint. The school made Schindler aware of the complaint, and Schindler is now on leave and has shut down that Twitter account that he mainly used to remind people that he has a PhD.

Schindler is a former National Security Agency (NSA) Intelligence analyst who became an outspoken critic of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden on his Twitter page, which he has since shut down after regularly making a total ass of himself. His posts earned a steady stream of criticism and heated exchanges from people who supported Snowden’s efforts, so we’re going to concede that it’s possible a photo was doctored to discredit Schindler.

And we guess we couldn’t support that kind of thing, but we’re also not ready to rule out bizarre kinks on Schindler’s end. The guy sure seems to have some kind of mental issues. There’s no telling how a creep like Schindler indulges his superiority complex in real life. We’ll just note that we’re still really creeped out by the guy, and this is probably no great loss to the U.S. Naval War College.

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