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Professor John Schindler Has a PhD in Twitter Douchebaggery


Professor John Schindler PhD Twitter 1

Hey, you see that guy above? He’s the biggest douchebag on Twitter. You didn’t know that? Then maybe you better know that John Schindler has a PhD in in History, even though he’s often too busy to capitalize the “h,” but, you know what? That doesn’t matter, because John Schindler has a PhD in History and teaches at the Naval War College. You didn’t know that? Boy, are you stupid.

Professor John Schindler Twitter 2

Anyway, it’s always fun to capture pathetic preening in academia, and nobody offers more of that than Professor John Schindler. Yeah. He has a professorship. Do you have a professorship? Then why don’t you shut up and quit disagreeing with him over things like Edward Snowden being a Russian agent all along, because John Schindler is a former NSA Officer and has a PhD.

Professor John Schindler PhD Twitter 3.

Furthermore, you are stupid and not smart like John Schindler, even though he doesn’t seem to know the definition of “defamation,” given his recent complaints about a fabulous Tumblr account dedicated to collecting his pomposity…

Professor John Schindler Phd Twitter Response

Do not argue with Professor John Schindler about the definition of “defamation,” peasant. You probably don’t even have a PhD–and everybody knows that PhDs know everything and never disagree about anything amongst themselves because PhDs are very smart. Unlike you. Who is stupid, Because you think it’s funny that Professor John Schindler of the Naval War College considers a Tumblr comprised of nothing but his own words to be defamatory.

Now here are even more amazing Twitterings from a guy who must have some kind of serious thyroid problem, because Professor John Schindler sure acts like a 3-year-old who just got his PhD. Check out even more of this idiocy, and marvel at how his students must really have to indulge the creep…

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