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Journalism School Hands Out Diplomas For “Itegrated Marketing” [PIC]


Medill College misspelled diploma

Congratulations to Medill University graduate Kit Fox–who just found a way to avoid getting hit up for alumni donations by Twittering a pic of his diploma from the “Medill School of Journalism, Media, Itegrated Marketing Communications.” We’re guessing that proofreading isn’t a big part of the Medill University curriculum. Kit Fox, however, sure deserves a lot of credit for catching the misspelling.

Kit is probably also a hero to his fellow students for then notifying journalism site¬†¬†about the big mistake. (They have the follow-up, with word from the university.) Well, there are probably a few students who’d rather not have had their new alumni turned into a joke. At least Kit probably won’t have to worry about hearing too much from Medill now. They probably wish the guy didn’t even exist.

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