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Vine Video Girl Abbi Hits Home Run At College World Series [VIDEO]


Abbi World Series College Game Texas

Everybody, meet Abbi–who just became the star of the College Baseball World Series, courtesy of this Vine video where she runs on the field because….well, there’s another cute girl who says, “Abbi, run on the field,” and we guess Abbi is a little impressionable. Not that we’re complaining. Abbi is pretty much the highlight of our morning. We can’t even tell you which team won the game between Texas and¬†UC¬†Irvine.

Heck, we’re still trying to decide if Abbi won our hearts, or if it was her troublemaking pal. We’re leaning toward the troublemaking pal, but that’s cool because now we can double-date. Unless you’re as smitten by Abbi’s pal as much as we are, in which case this is going to get ugly…

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