Jersey Guy Punches Lifeguard Who Saved Him From Drowning [VIDEO]

A New Jersey man saved from drowning by a lifeguard thanked his savior with a well-timed punch to the face.
Lifeguards in Seaside Heights, New Jersey ran into the waters and plucked out two men who couldn’t swim their way out of it. They pulled both men ashore and while one was thanking the lifeguards for pulling them out of the gaping maw of death’s embrace, the other responded by taking a swing at the lifeguards. 20-year-old Ivan Rivera struck one of the lifeguards right in the face. The lifeguard wasn’t seriously injured but we’re sure he almost became the first lifeguard in history to throw back a person he just saved.
You’ve also probably realized by now that the ungrateful bastard in this story had been doing a little boozing before he went swimming. Police responding to the rescue call arrested Rivera and charged him with underage drinking, assault and disorderly conduct. Philadelphia’s ABC affiliate WPVI explained the story and talked to some local residents in this video…
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It’s too bad that being an ungrateful bastard isn’t some kind of felony because he could easily go to prison on such a charge. Punching someone is just about the worst possible response a man can make to someone who has literally just saved them from dying. Then again, this is New Jersey. We’re more surprised it didn’t happen sooner. The state’s flag should just be a face with a giant fist stuffed in the middle of it.

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