Hank Williams III Says A Real American Should Play Hank Williams

One of Hank Williams’ grandchildren–and the most talented one–is upset that the producers chose someone who isn’t from America to play the country music legend in an upcoming film.
TMZ tracked down Hank Williams III and asked what he thought about the movie that’s being made about his grandfather. Williams said he had a problem with the producers’ casting decisions that gave British actor and Marvel’s Avengers star Tom Hiddleston the lead role. Williams doesn’t like the idea of someone who’s not from America playing the part. If he was the casting director for the movie, he said he would have picked someone like Matthew McConaughey to take on the role–and cited the Texan’s Oscar-winning role in Dallas Buyers Club as a prime example of why he would be better the candidate for the part.
Of course, none of us will know if Hiddleston is the right choice for a Hank Williams biopic until we see the actual movie but it feels very unfair to call the guy out just because of his ethnic lineage. Hiddleston is one hell of an actor and his family should be grateful that they’ve chosen someone who at least has the skill and talent to do justice to the legacy of Hank Williams’ music and life. We’re also pretty sure that the people who cast the movie know a little bit more about acting and making movies than Hank Williams III–who, let’s concede, does know how to maintain about 16 great bands at one time. Hank III’s a busy man.

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