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10 “Dodgeball” Lessons For Its 10th Anniversary [GIF GALLERY]



The underdog comedy movie Dodgeball hit the theaters 10 years ago and it’s since become a sports comedy classic.

It stars Vince Vaughn as a down on his luck gym owner who’s getting squeezed out by the large corporate gym just across the street run by the evil White Goodman played by Ben Stiller. The bank comes down hard on Vaughn’s gym and he needs to come up with some cash quick or risk losing his gym to his competition. So he and some of his regular customers decide to enter a Las Vegas dodgeball tournament to win the money they need. Unfortunately, Stiller’s Purple Cobras also plan on winning the tournament and defeating Vaughn’s Average Joes. It all leads to a climactic showdown that you’ve seen in every sports movie except this one is intentionally funny.

Sports movies always feel like they are trying to shove some kind of important life lessons about fairness, loyalty and determination into your brain. Dodgeball also has a lot to say but you don’t realize it because it’s so funny and over the top. It throws almost every curve it can at the poor Average Joes team and they still somehow manage to win the day. It may be gathering dust on your DVD shelf right now assuming that you still have DVDs in this age of Netflix movie streaming and pirated digital films. Why not fire it up in your Blu-ray player again? If you do, keep an eye out for these life-teaching moments from the cinema’s greatest movie about adults playing a schoolyard game.


If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball. 


We know that Bernice wasn’t the only “juicing joke” in Dodgeball.



Be prepared for what life throws at you. 


Sometimes, the nice guy gets the girl.


If she says that she “just threw up in her mouth a little bit,” she’s probably not that into you. 


Never take your eye off the ball. 


Always have a ride waiting in case of a medical emergency. 

The team with the dumbest chant will always lose.

chuck norris

Chuck Norris will always have your back. 


Overeating can be a crutch for emotional inadequacy and low self-esteem.

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