16 Things Summer Interns Learn While Living In NYC

Every NYC intern will tell you that they’ve learned a hell of a lot about this great city since arriving. From all the challenges to perks, there’s a lot more learning that goes down outside the company office than you’d think. From inflated prices to public transportation horror stories, getting a hang of this city can take time for all the newbies flocking here over summer. Here’s a list we’ve gathered of the sixteen things all interns will have definitely learned by the time they pack their bags and head out of the big apple at the end of August.

1. Happy Hour becomes your favorite time of the day.

2. Transportation in the city can be an absolute bitch.

3. You’re not really in the mood to have “small talk” by the end of the work day…

4. …and by the end of the work week you feel like this

5. $50 doesn’t stretch as far in this city as it does at home

6. …and you can fully understand why New Yorkers leave for “The Hamptons” every weekend

7. You start to really appreciate when you make your train on time.

8. Doing laundry is not as easy as it used to be.

9. Saturday and Sunday quickly become the most cherished days of your week.

10. A “bodega” is now a part of your vocabulary.

11. Finding cheap drinks is like hitting the jackpot.

12. Forgetting your umbrella for the day is one of the worst mistakes you can make.

13. New Yorkers aren’t as friendly as you expected.

14. Grocery shopping is one big pain in the a**.

15. Your friends think you live a much more glamourous life than you actually do

16. Despite all the pros and cons, you can’t imagine spending your summer interning anywhere else.

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