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College Radio Show Cancelled Because of Sexy Snapchat Fundraiser



Two hosts of a student-run radio station lost their time slot over a fundraising stunt in which they promised donors they would send them pictures of their junk on Snapchat.

California Polytechnic State University’s KCPR cancelled the show Getting It InĀ hosted by junior students Logan Cooper and Sean Martinez after they posted an update about their fundraiser on their Facebook page. They tried to raise money for theĀ student run station back in April by promising anyone who donated $20 or more that they would send them photos of their genitalia on Snapchat for a full week.

News of the fundraiser made its way up the chain of command of Cal Poly’s journalism department until the professor overseeing the station decided to cancel the show and conduct an investigation into the matter. Journalism department officials claim that they had no knowledge or participation in the fundraising idea and that they are still looking into the matter to determine if further action needs to be taken or “if any student conduct violations may have occurred.”

Here’s a question we hope that the investigators ask the students involved in this student: Who in the hell thought this was a good idea? Even if you put aside the inappropriate and possibly illegal act of sending someone a picture of your stuff, it’s still makes you wonder how they thought that promising pictures of someone’s junk would help bring money into a non-profit organization. It’s like the Ronald McDonald House offering donors a chance to tour the slaughterhouse where McDonald’s prepares the meat for their hamburgers.

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