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Chinese Students (The Worst Cheaters In The World) Now Use Spy Equipment


Chinese Spy Equipment

For a few years now, cheating among Chinese students in Chinese schools has run rampant. That’s not real news. What is surprising, though, is the extent to which these students go through to well, as well as the schools who try to stop them. There is some serious “Spy v. Spy” stuff going on here.

We’d include a disclaimer about how COED doesn’t promote cheating but the fact of the matter is that most American students wouldn’t know where to get this kind of technology. Everything you see here was seized by the authorities this year. It’s a safe guess that many students successfully avoided detection.

In the photo above, you see a camera set within a pair of glasses. According to the reporters over at, these glasses take black-and-white photos when activated by the remote control coin. These photos would then be sent to a remote location off-site and answers were then sent back to the student.


The shirt you see here was seized during a state-sponsored exam. It sports a camera to take photos and an old-school Nokia phone to send the photos out. The ear piece above is probably used to listen to the answers.



These spy pens were confiscated in the Sizhuan province. Officials believe that over 40 students were using these camera pens which would send out the photos. The answer–given by people in the tests’ proximity–would then be relayed back to the students via an in-ear receiver.

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