Twitter Fail: Delta Airlines Loses The World Cup for America [PIC]

It was a very big win for Team USA last night, as our soccer (sorry, futbol) team won big over Ghana. Sadly, that was followed by Delta Airlines managing to screw up the celebration by being classic ugly Americans.
There’s always some heat on the good old U.S.A. during World Cup season, anyway. The rest of the world is highly skeptical about how Americans only care about soccer for a few days out of the year. And, of course, Americans are often ridiculed for being obsessive about their own country and ignoring other places.
So that’s the big problem with Delta’s congratulatory Tweet above, which proudly celebrates America and…um, where’s Ghana? Isn’t that like some African place?¬†Yeah, that was all that mattered to the¬†social media managers over at Delta Airlines. They probably looked for a stock photo of a lion, and then decided that a giraffe would do just as well, because it’s Africa. you know, and that place isn’t big enough to have any kind of specific regions, right?
Wrong, of course, which is why Delta (which is the kind of company that’s supposed to know about the world) is now dealing with Tweets like this….

Oh, well. It was still a big win for America. We just wouldn’t want to be working in social media for Delta this morning. That’s going to be one serious hangover.

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