"Expendables 3" Trailer: Stallone Plus Lots of Gibson & Snipes [VIDEO]

There was a late-night raid by a new Expendables 3 trailer, which means that we get to wake up to plenty of mercenary mayhem–with the focus being on the return of Wesley Snipes to the big screen. In fact, this trailer literally starts with some grindhouse-style action that gets Wesley out of captivity and back into action territory. From there, we also get a big push for Mel Gibson’s presence as the movie’s bad guy. We guess that impact has been slightly lessened by Gibson’s psycho turn in Machete Kills!, but it’s still a great selling point.
We’re also seeing plenty of built babe Ronda Rousey being an Expendabelle. Jet Li confirms his return to the team, and it’s pretty exciting to see a cool character actor like Robert Davi getting his name in the credits. Of course, he’s a close pal to Arnold Schwarzenegger, who also shows up to exchange some terse dialogue with Harrison Ford. We’re still offended that nobody used any of our ideas for Actors We’d Kill To See In Expendables 3–but this is still pretty exciting stuff. Just don’t remind us about the PG-13 rating…
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xD0junWlFc]

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