Some Scholarship Players At Hawaii Had To Sleep In The Locker Room

There’s always excitement about landing a scholarship athlete at a major university. For nearly 60 athletes at the University of Hawaii, that excitement was tempered recently by a scholarship delay. In fact, things were delayed enough that seven athletes lived in the locker room for nine days. That was courtesy of clerical problems that delayed the processing of funds which would have covered six weeks of expenses for students going to summer classes and living off campus.
The story is pretty embarrassing for Hawaii–especially since they couldn’t help the athletes at all with food because it would have been a potential NCAA violation. However, Hawaii could’ve got a waiver to help the players for the time they had to sleep elsewhere. There’s a lot of blame that can be passed around in this situation, but let’s hope that this media attention gets the athletes their funds and spares them from another nine days eating energy bars and watching TV in the locker room.

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