Report: College Grads Keep Trying To Stick It To The Man

Recent college graduates may be having a tough time launching a career or even meeting their most basic financial obligations–but they aren’t going down without a fight. A new report finds that a good number of them are trying to fight back against the money-sucking humps by hitting them in their pocketbook.
According to some recent market research, nearly a third of new college grads are going out of their way not to do business with big banks and financial companies to handle what little money they have left. Most of this is due to companies like Bank of America and Wells Fargo refusing to cater to a younger generation saddler with higher bills and lower incomes. Most of them in this bracket said they are hoping on newer financial companies and services restructuring the industry and the way they do business by keeping their money in smaller banks or services such as PayPal.
They are also avoiding traditional, 9-to-5 office jobs with large companies because they are less cushy and secure as older workers are having to put off retirement due to an endless stream of cutbacks and rising salaries for the people at the top. Instead, they are starting their own businesses or working as freelancers with working four or five smaller jobs as opposed to one giant, soul sucking job. This not only gives them more time outside of work but it also gives them a sense of control that they normally wouldn’t have if they tried to stick it out with some large, impersonal corporation.
There is a downside, though. Most say they want to be their own boss, but they often either don’t understand the concept until they find themselves in over their heads.
Still, it is admirable to see such a large part of a young generation pave their own path when so few companies are even willing to give them a chance to move up the structure through hard work and determination. We’re also for anything that sticks it to people who use lower denominations of money as toilet paper for their amusement. That’s just wrong.

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