Stoudts Brewing Company's American Pale Ale Is What's On Tap

By the Beer Professor JW Faulkner @EngProfJW

It is time to paint your face red, white, and blue, scream GOAL at the top of your lungs, and bask in the greatness that is the World Cup! To help get prepared for the first US match I’m doing the most patriotic thing I can: drink a great American pale ale. You should do the same. This weekend, Stoudts Brewing Company is What’s on Tap!

Located in the middle of Pennsylvania, Stoudts Brewing Company is known for their very consistent drinkable beers and their fantastic pilsner. Their American Pale is an intriguing beer in that it has a somewhat complex flavor profile and mouth-feel.

Before sipping the beer I notice a huge citrusy aroma combined with a malty presence. Each sip has a crisp taste to it with very little bitterness on the backend. But between, I am getting not as much citrus I was expecting. There is a slight hoppiness to this American pale ale but nothing that will overpower you. This APA brew is very drinkable and at 5% ABV you will be able to enjoy many before really feeling the effects. In short, Stoudts’ American Pale Ale is a very solid, drinkable beer.

With this beer I am making an angus beef ribeye. I am first searing each side and then grilling this delicious cut of meat to a medium-rare temperature because that is what America does, grill and eat red meat, drink delicious American made beer, and pay attention to soccer once every four years!


Beer Stats

Style: American Pale Ale
Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 5.00%
Color: Hazy Golden / Amber

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