World's Worst Tinder User Accidentally Messages 32 Girls at Once

Some guy on Tinder who thinks he knows how to talk to women completely fell off his game when he messaged all 32 of them at the same time.
“Josh” racked up quite a long list of interested women on the dating app from all over the world–and they all got to know each other after he simultaneously sent all of them a message of, “Hey gorgeous 🙂 what’s up?” Naturally, all of the women started responding to his embarrassing mistake. Screenshots of the bizarre conversation soon went viral, and now we can all join in on Josh’s hilarious humiliation. Even if you’re a guy and sympathize with his simple mistake, his drastic and desperate responses are hilarious. They’re also a reminder that all guys should study our Ten Commandments of Tinder
The first woman to realize his mistake points out that she “can’t speak for the 31 other girls attached in this group message.” This made us realize something: Why does Tinder even offer a group messaging option? Are there women looking for threesomes on Tinder? If so, that’s important information we need to know.
Pretty soon, the guy realizes his mistake and tries to make up for it by attempting to sound suave with, “I’m buying all you chicks a drink in solidarity of this incident.” First of all, not everyone at COED endorses calling women “chicks.” Guys do that, but they usually do it when there are no “chicks” around. Secondly, that’s an empty promise on buying those drinks unless he has the money to fly to all of them in to the same bar. Even if he does, that’s wasting a lot of frequent flyer miles just to have a drink thrown in your face.
Eventually, of course, the loser oses his temper and tells the group, “Don’t get your panties in a bunch.” He’s pretty much chum in shark-infested waters by this point, so he goes off on all 32 poor women and explains that–because he works a lot of hours–“It would take hours to text you individually.” That won’t be a problem now. We can’t think of a reason any woman would ever chat with this jerk ever again.

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