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Manny Pacquiao To Coach Philippine Basketball Team


Manny Pacquiao Philippine Basketball Team

There have been some weird sports combinations over the years, with athletes who do one sport that decide to try another one. The newest odd one is boxer Manny Pacquiao taking over as the head coach of a basketball team in the Philippines. The new Kia team in the Philippine Basketball Association will begin play in October with Pacquiao as their coach. It is no secret that Pacquiao is a big basketball fan but becoming the coach of a team is a big step.

There is still the boxing career of Pacquiao which isn’t going to be changing any and he is scheduled to have another fight in November. How is that going to look on the sidelines if Pacquiao shows up all beat up with sunglasses on from swelling? That would make for some very interesting theater to see how well Pacquiao does.

Who knows, maybe Pacquiao is really good at it and some NBA team decides to give him a chance? Many of those teams probably couldn’t do any worse but it’s up to Pacquiao to show how good of a coach he is first.

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