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Jacksonville Jaguars Install Cabanas(!) To Attract More Fans


Jacksonville Jaguars Cabanas

The Jacksonville Jaguars can use all the help they can get bringing fans to a home game. The team has decided to go a different route in their pursuit of fans with the installation of a two-level party deck that will have two pools and 16 cabanas. And the Jaguars only had to take out 9,500 seats to make this possible.

The cabanas are available for $12,500 a game or $250 a person and will be all-you-can-eat and drink on the first level. The upper level will be $3,000 a game or $150 per person and won’t have pool access.

Jacksonville has been ahead of the curve in fan amenities. The team will also have a live stream of the NFL Red Zone so fans can watch other games or pay attention to their fantasy teams as well while in the stadium. It is a new and different idea that could work and for a team that has won just 11 games over the past three seasons, it needs to or the team could be on the move.

The Jaguars are taking the fan experience to the next level. Now let’s hope that the cabanas and seats are sold out for each home game.


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