25 Cars You Could Have If You Didn't Go To College

In today’s world of computer programmers, dot coms, and app developers, it feels like every day you hear about the new breed of millionaires who either skipped college altogether or dropped out early. Certainly these lucky SOBs are the outliers (stay in school kids!) but combined with the rising cost of colleges, more and more people are wondering if they need to spend the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on an education, oftentimes putting themselves into debt.

Then what happens when they graduate? Everyone knows the job market is terrible! Worst ever! Even The Economist agrees that paying for your expensive school was a bad decision (source). And just to think that you could have bought a dope car with all that dough. How dope? Well the results are kind of upsetting, actually.

Simply put: For the price of a four-year private institution, you could be pushing easily the nicest whip of all your friends.

We calculated the cost of attending popular four-year colleges (tuition + room + board) and then found the appropriate MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) of a nice car. Check out our findings below. Warning: have tissues nearby.

Edit: 95% of the cars listed are of equal, or lesser cost than the college. A few of the cars are slightly more expensive but we can look the other way because what’s $2K when you’re talking $120K+.

School: University of Iowa (In-State) | Est. Cost of Four Years: $32,224

Car You’d Own: 2014 BMW 3 Series | MSRP: $32,000

School: UC Berkeley (In-State) | Est. Cost of Four Years: $44,880

Car You’d Own: Mercedes-Benz CLA-class | MSRP: $31,900

School: SUNY Cortland (In-State) | Est. Cost of Four Years: $58,798

Car You’d Own: Porsche Cayenne (Base Price) | MSRP: $49,600

School: Purdue University (In-State) | Est. Cost of Four Years: $80,128

Car You’d Own: 2013 Tesla Model S | MSRP: $69,900

School: University of Georgia (In-State) | Est. Cost of Four Years: $92,248

Car You’d Own: 2014 Range Rover HSE | MSRP: $89,000

School: UC-Boulder (In-State) | Est. Cost of Four Years: $98,348

Car You’d Own: Porsche 911 Carrera S | MSRP: $98,900

School: Arizona State University (Out-of-State) | Est. Cost of Four Years: $108,292

Car You’d Own: Nissan GT-R | MSRP: $108,000

School: Elon University (Private) | Est. Cost of Four Years: $114,532

Car You’d Own: Mercedes-Benz G-Class | MSRP: $113,690

School: Cornell University (Private) | Est. Cost of Four Years: $123,640

Car You’d Own: Lexus LS 600h L Sedan | MSRP: $120,000

School: Florida State University (Out-of-State) | Est. Cost of Four Years: $137,332

Car You’d Own: Audi R8 Convertible | MSRP: $128,000

School: University of Wisconsin (Out-of-State) | Est. Cost of Four Years: $165,448

Car You’d Own: BMW 7-Series 760Li Sedan| MSRP: $141,200

School: Duke University | Est. Cost of Four Years: $169,332

Car You’d Own: BMW i8 | MSRP: $135,700

School: Michigan State University (Out-of-State) | Est. Cost of Four Years: $170,608

Car You’d Own: 2014 Maserati GranTurismo | MSRP: $150,000

School: Indiana University (Out-of-State) | Est. Cost of Four Years: $172,048

Car You’d Own: GTA V Rockstar x West Coast Customs “Bravo Banshee” | MSRP: $170,000

School: Fordham University | Est. Cost of Four Years: $177,800

Car You’d Own: 2014 Bentley Continental GT (base) | MSRP: $177,500

School: New York University | Est. Cost of Four Years: $179,392

Car You’d Own: Porsche Panamera Turbo Executive | MSRP: $180,540

School: Tufts University | Est. Cost of Four Years: $186,392

Car You’d Own: Lamborghini Gallardo | MSRP: $181,000

School: UCLA (Out-of-State) | Est. Cost of Four Years: $201,244

Car You’d Own: Aston Martin Rapide | MSRP: $207,000

School: University of Michigan (Out-of-State) | Est. Cost of Four Years: $225,312

Car You’d Own: Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG Coupe | MSRP: $215,000

School: Bennington College | Est. Cost of Four Years: $238,800

Car You’d Own: 2014 Bentley Flying Spur | MSRP: $238,530

School: Harvard University | Est. Cost of Four Years: $239,800

Car You’d Own: 2014 Ferrari 458 Italia | MSRP: $233,509

School: Stanford University | Est. Cost of Four Years: $240,000

Car You’d Own: 2013 Mclaren MP4 | MSRP: $239,400

School: Pomona College | Est. Cost of Four Years: $242,128

Car You’d Own: Spyker C8 Aileron | MSRP: $225,000

School: Vanderbilt University | Est. Cost of Four Years: $249,280

Car You’d Own: Equus Bass | MSRP: $250,000

School: Sarah Lawrence | Est. Cost of Four Years: $252,800

Car You’d Own: 2012 Rolls Royce Ghost | MSRP: $250,000


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