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Tampa Bay Rays Manager Brings Seminole Medicine Man For Good Fortune


It’s been a struggle this season for the Tampa Bay Rays with injuries and the worst record in all of Major League Baseball. Manager Joe Maddon decided it was time to try something new–and invited a Seminole medicine man to Tropicana Field. 77-year-old Bobby Henry was “turned loose” according to Maddon, who has tried many different things over the years. He has brought a python, penguins and a magician into the team’s clubhouse in the past.

Manager Joe Maddon

Tampa Bay goes into action on Tuesday with a 24-41 record and is having their worst season since 2007. Henry’s “supernatural powers” include making it rain and while Tropicana Field has a roof, it began to pour during the Rays’ first at-bat on Monday night. That is taking the term “making it rain” to a new whole level.

Hopefully this will turn the fortunes of the Rays around but it may take much more than a Seminole medicine man to get it done. Maddon’s latest attempt to get the Rays on track may not work–but at least he’s trying.

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