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New “The Purge: Anarchy” Trailer Crams In Some “Hunger Games” [VIDEO]


The Purge Anarchy Trailer

Okay, this is technically a new television spot for The Purge: Anarchy instead of a new trailer, but it still crams in more info on the movie than we’ve seen before. Also, now audiences will recognize leading man Frank Grillo as one of the main bad guys in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Anyway, it looks like Grillo’s character is a grieving father who decides to use the Purge Night as a chance to get some kind of bloody revenge–and then ends up helping out some poor terrorized folks who end up abducted for some kind of Purge Dinner Party.

The really weird thing here is that it looks like The Purge has lurched into Hunger Games territory–with a rich dame who looks like Hillary Clinton hosting some kind of sick event where rich people bid on the poor as some kind of Purge Party favors. Frankly, this is starting to feel like somebody took a low-budget script and rewrote it for the Purge universe. That really wouldn’t be unusual for Hollywood, but we’re still a little baffled by this one. Check it out and decide for yourself if the new Purge is worthy of the name…

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