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Xbox One Minus Kinect = Cheaper Version On Store Shelves Now



xbox without kinect

If you couldn’t afford to buy an Xbox One when it first came out, you might be able to get your hands on one thanks to a new bundle that on sale.

Microsoft’s latest attempt to topple Sony’s PlayStation 4 involves a cheaper Xbox One bundle that only costs $400 putting it on an even playing field price-wise with the PS4. However, the new bundle is cheaper because it doesn’t include the new and improved Kinect motion and voice controlled sensor. If you want the Kinect, you’ll have to pay full price for the full bundle for $500.

It’s really a shame that the new bundle doesn’t include the new Kinect because it really is one of the key features over the other consoles. Right now, it’s still living under the stigma of the poorly executed Kinect for the Xbox 360, a motion controller that could only control an underwhelming line of games. The new Kinect offers almost seamless voice controls that let you control not just games but home screen navigation, in-game features and even TV controls much better than its Xbox 360 counterpart. It does a lot more than just let you play a full body version of Fruit Ninja.

The new Xbox One bundle also comes just a day before the start of the big E3 Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. It will be interesting to see the other consoles scramble over the news that Microsoft is trying to make their newest console, well, affordable.

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