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Don’t Sit On Strangers’ Laps, You Might Get Punched [VIDEO]


Sitting On People Punch

What happens when you sit down on a bunch of dude’s laps without permission? Well, it’s not good. Check out this brave bro from OCKTV who decided to test his fate by sitting on random bros on the street, the subway, and all of the other places that you should not be sitting on guys’ laps without their clear permission.

Most of them just seem to be confused and kind of push the guy away–but one bro isn’t having it and becomes a hero of the coffee shop. We’re definitely on the puncher’s side. Honestly, this whole prank video is pretty dumb, but it’s worth it just to see the guy get punched in his face. Check out the video below, and don’t ever sit on strangers’ laps…

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