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Is Your School in a State That Students Can’t Wait to Leave?



Students Travel For College

A new study of college students’ travel habits revealed that one portion of the country had more students move away following their high school graduation.

Niche Ink interviewed 350,000 students between 2012 and 2014 and found that the Northwest had the highest percentage of students who bolted from home to attend college. According to the Washington Post, Vermont had the smallest percentage of students who went to another state for college with just over half of the population enrolled out of state. The states of the highest number of students who stayed included Arkansas, Utah and Mississippi¬†with a percentage of more than 90 percent. The study also found that just over half of the nation’s graduates prefer to go to school closer at home.

The study didn’t blame the Northwest states’ boringness for driving away their student populations. They conjectured that students in the Northeast tend to score higher on standardized and college placement tests and come from families with higher income levels so they tend to have more options when it comes to college. In fact, the more successful a student was in high school, the farther they were likely to travel when choosing a college. The study found that nearly a quarter of students with a SAT score of 1,200 to 1,500 left their home state for school. The rate double for students who scored¬†over 2,100.

Frankly, we’re surprised Wyoming didn’t rank higher on the list of states with a large portion of students leaving for college. For awhile, we actually forgot it was a state.

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