Stuff The Intern Forgot: Wrigley’s Scoreboard Guy Falls Asleep [Links]

scoreboard sleeper

Wrigley Field’s Scoreboard Operator Fell Asleep Mid-Game

Wrigley Field’s scoreboard is the last of its kind. It’s a scoreboard that comes from a time when there were no HD cameras, no kiss cams, and no cheesy young dudes proposing to their girlfriends on the jumbotron while everyone else sits there hoping the girl says no. The scoreboard requires a man to sit behind it and physically change the numbers, and according to our friends over at Extra Mustard the less than enthused operater at the Cubs vs. Mets game this week decided to catch a little shut-eye in between his duties. I personally have a hard time sitting through half of a baseball game, so I can’t really blame the guy.

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