The 70 Most Sexually Awkward Moments in Sports [PHOTOS]

The 70 Most Sexually Awkward Moments in Sports

Let’s say that you’re a person who likes to play a lot of sports–soccer, golf, football, whatever–and you’re performing at your peak, and then some wiseguy takes just one picture from the wrong angle. Congratulations. You might have suddenly gone from looking like a world champion to looking like the guy who was providing oral pleasure to a referee, or maybe the gal using a trophy as a sex toy.

Yes, it’s a hard life for the sporting types–especially when it comes to NFL players, or professional baseball stars, or the world’s best soccer players. All they want to do is run out into a field and constantly pile on top of other sweaty men, and then all it takes is one bad pic to make the whole thing seem kind of dirty. Plus, you have to worry about assorted referees hovering around who seemingly want to look like they’re having sex with the players.

It almost doesn’t seem worth all of the millions of dollars that you can make on the pro sports circuit. Almost–which is why we don’t feel bad about goofing on these amazing pics of men and women getting sexually awkward on the field. Check out all of the full-body awkwardness. And we know that wrestlers don’t make a lot of money, but those guys know what they’re

getting into…

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