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43 ‘Worst Dads In The World’ For Father’s Day [PHOTOS + 1 GIF]


Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 12.39.48 PM

Father’s Day is coming next Sunday–which means that it’s that very special time of the year when freaking out over what to get for your father. The key is that the gifts can’t be too expensive or seem like they’re not from the heart. They’ve gotta be just right.

Enter this collection of photos that will make your dad feel like a million bucks. These pictures feature moments that will make even the most lazy fathers feel like Danny Tanner. You get the feeling that these men haven’t quite grasped the fact that they’re responsible for a little human which is kind of an important factor in being a good dad, don’t you think?

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While many of these are actual candid shots of bad fathers caught in the act, we’d like to believe that at least a few of these photos were staged for dramatic effect–making it alright to laugh… Except for this one GIF. This guy is just straight-up awful.

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