Racist Stripper In Video Rant Doubles Down On Twitter

A crazy stripper/mother who was caught on video spouting the N-word at someone in a store parking lot continued her crazy tirade on the radio and on Twitter.

The video of Janelle Ambrosia first surfaced on YouTube Tuesday of her yelling at a man who was taping her from the inside of his car in a parking lot in Cheektowga, New York. Apparently, she berated the driving for starting his car and scaring her children, which prompted her to call the man the N-word. So he pulled out his phone and started recording her as she tried to call her lawyer and continued saying crazy things such as how she knows cops because she strips for them. The video is definitely NSFW and not because she’s a stripper…

Naturally, the video went viral so WBLK in Buffalo tracked down Ambrosia to get her side of the story. She claimed that the man who recorded almost hit her son with his car and that he threw a few choice epithets at her, which the host also said was not acceptable behavior. She said that she’s also bipolar and all of this caused her to go into racist rage mode. Her most astounding statement was that the N-word that she didn’t apologize for using isn’t a racist term. This video is also NSFW for Ambrosia’s harsh language…

She didn’t stop there. As the news media began to circle and people started to criticize her on her Twitter page, she continued her tirade online and didn’t back away from the comments that have made her the Internet’s current reigning queen of mean.

There’s millions of closet door racists. I’m the only one who has the guts to say what i feel. Sorry to the people who think that i care!!!!

— Janelle Ambrosia (@JanelleAmbrosia) June 4, 2014

News reporters are now contacting me for reports? On what speaking the truth #LOL this is hysterical

— Janelle Ambrosia (@JanelleAmbrosia) June 4, 2014

I have black friends. So i don’t need to hear opinions of people that don’t know me

— Janelle Ambrosia (@JanelleAmbrosia) June 4, 2014

We hope that she also strips for some therapists or doctors with access to anti-depressants because she clearly needs both and soon.

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