Detroit RoboCop Statue Delayed, But He Threw A First Pitch [VIDEO]

The news that a RoboCop statue was heading to Detroit seemed too good to be true. Then it turned it actually was. Reports surfaced on Monday that Detroit would finally be getting their RoboCop statue but the big guy was a no-show.

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment released a statement Tuesday afternoon that plans to unveil the statue were cancelled as part of the city’s big RoboCop Day festivities but all other events such as RoboCop’s opening pitch for Tuesday’s Tigers game still went ahead as planned.

Imagination Station, the nonprofit responsible for raising the funds and building the massive bronze statue of the 1987 version of the law enforcement robot, announced on their Facebook page that they never had any plans to unveil the statue today in Detroit. Then they released a statement on their Kickstarter page, the one they used to raise over $67,000 for the statue, that the thing isn’t actually finished yet. They said that it would be done sometime by the end of the year and they haven’t confirmed a location for the placement of the statue.

Imagination Station also clarified the fact that no reports about the statue’s unveiling came from them and suggested there was a “miscommunication” in the midst of all the promotional hype about RoboCop Day and the release of the new DVD. They also noted that all official updates about the statue would be posted on the Kickstarter page.

This sounds like a bit of sneaky marketing on the part of 20th Century Fox. It’s a shame that we don’t have a real RoboCop who can investigate this and bring the perpetrators to justice. The good news, though, is that RoboCop was still available to throw the first pitch at yesterday’s Detroit Tigers game. Check out that action (and make your own 50 Cent joke)…

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