Stuff The Intern Forgot: Grown Man Steals Towel From Tweens [Links]

Grown Man Steals Souvenir Towel From Tweens

Here’s a classic case of a full-grown man demonstrating a more than normal amount of greed. Thanks to our friends over at Extra Mustard, we have video footage of this full-suited businessman ripping a towel thrown by Svetlana Kuznetsova from the hands of two tweens. Sure, the kids aren’t exactly small kids, but they are clearly within the “don’t get into a physical altercation with children” age range. Perhaps the man just really needs a new towel to wipe those prideful tears from his eyes after going home from the tennis match all alone. To see the video, simply CLICK HERE.

And here are some more awesome links that our least favorite intern neglected to post today…

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Slenderman: The Story Behind The Now-Deadly Internet Creation [VIDEOS]
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