Stanley Cup Final Tickets Going For Over $2,000

The Stanley Cup Final will get underway on Wednesday–and with the two major market teams involved in the Los Angeles Kings and New York Rangers, ticket prices have gone through the roof. Some tickets were made available to the public on Monday with the face value of Rangers tickets going as high as nearly $2,500 while the Kings tickets were $629. It will be a steep price to pay for fans to see their favorite team.
The NHL has to be very happy to get a final with the two biggest television markets in the country and unless fans are going to be selling their first-born, staying home for the games could be the best option. Various ticket brokers are selling tickets for over $2,000 in New York, and there aren’t going to be enough fans paying that much to get in probably.
Now let’s see how full the stands are at Staples Center and Madison Square Garden for these games. Will the fans spend the money to make it happen or not? That’s just one of the many questions waiting to be answered in this sensational series.

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Video Game Makers Settle With College Players For $40 Million [VIDEO]
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