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Video Game Makers Settle With College Players For $40 Million [VIDEO]


The popularity of sports video games over the past 25 years have seen game designers using as many player features as possible. That’s include the EA gaming empire making assorted games with NCAA tie-ins–using actual college players. Some of the players weren’t too thrilled about that particular honor. Lawsuits were filed, and now there’s been a settlement with the video game makers for $40 million–which could allow nearly 100,000 players to get a check for around $4,000. It may seem like a small sum but it is something that had to be done.

This deal comes off the Ed O’Bannon antitrust trial, and leaves the NCAA on their own there. O’Bannon is saying that the NCAA was profiting from using their likenesses on products while the players don’t receive any money. The long legal battle will continue with the NCAA and O’Bannon, but now the video game companies know that they’re safely out of the situation with their payment. Meanwhile, the NCAA has cut its tied to EA–and they’re likely eager to put all of this video game stuff behind them. Which means some fans will be missing games like this…

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