What's On Tap: Founders Brewing's All Day IPA

Welcome to the official unoffical start of summer! Hopefully this weekend brings warm weather and finds you on the water – a pool, river, lake, ocean, a poodle, whatever. To help crub your decision to fill your cooler with a beer that is “brewed” South of the Boarder, the beer I am drinking is full of flavor but one that you can drink…well all day. This weekend, Founders Brewing All Day IPA is What’s on Tap!

Founders Brewing is known for some of the most consistent tasting brews on the market. At SAVOR in DC I enjoyed their delicious, limited release, Kentucky Breakfast Stout a variation of their Breakfast Stout but aged for a year in bourbon barrels! Though offered year-round, Founders All Day IPA is a beer that gets me equally excited. Technically it is a Session IPA which means it is an ale or larger with lower than normal ABV (5% or less) but it still retains all of its flavor. Thus making these brews perfect for drinking all day!

All Day IPA has a great hop and malt balance but what I enjoy the most is the amount of citrus and fruit flavor that each sip contains; I get everything from grapefruit and orange to a hint of pineapple (there is a hint of pine somewhere in there as well!). Surprisingly All Day IPA does not have a huge bitterness quality on the backend; the beer is actually more crisp than bitter.

All Day IPA goes well with any food so I am not going to pair it with anything in particular but I would suggest you drink one or many while grilling. As you enjoy your brews and cook-outs this weekend take a moment to think about those who have sacrificed their lives while fighting for our country. So raise a glass of All Day IPA to them, the weekend, and summer!

Beer Stats

Style: Session IPA
Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 4.7%
Bitterness (IBUs): 42
Color: Golden Copper with hints of orange and amber

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