Xbox One Will Finally Let You Save Stuff on an External Hard Drive

A future update for the Xbox One scheduled in June will finally give players the chance to save the things they’ve saved on their console onto an external hard drive.
Microsoft made the announcement earlier today. The Xbox One will only support hard drives that have been formatted for the console with a storage capacity of at least 256GB and a USB 3.0 connector. The update will allow users to save anything on their Xbox One to the additional hard drives including downloaded games, media and game data. The update will also allow users to identify themselves by their actual names on their profiles if they wish instead of their Xbox Live username. Microsoft did not identify an official date for the console update except that it would be available sometime in June.
This may sound like a triumphant step for the video game console but it’s really one that they should have made available from the first day they started selling the console to the public. It may not have been the most popular amenity from the start but having to keep everything locked down on one device tells us that Microsoft really didn’t feel comfortable giving their customers the freedom to share the things they’ve already paid for with their fellow gamers. Hell, you’re already paid for the console. That means you should be able to do whatever you want with it after you take it out of the box. A “next-generation” console should at least be able to do everything that a MSDOS-era computer can do.

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