Charlize Theron, Josh Hartnett & Jimmy Fallon Play Charades [VIDEO]

Watching Charlize Theron do pretty much anything makes us happy–but seeing her killing Jimmy Fallon and Josh Hartnett in Charades might rank up there with one of the better things we’ve seen her do. Theron and Jimmy’s sidekick (and producer) Steve Higgins made a seemingly great team last night on The Tonight Show. Watch while Higgins and Theron get Murder, She Wrote and “Wild Horses,” and [SPOILER] Jimmy loses on “Private Dancer” before Hartnett crushes it immediately with Godzilla.
At the end of the sketch, you realize that you just watched something that normally would only entertain you if you were involved or your drunken friends were…and yet somehow The Tonight Show made charades wholly enjoyable. Once again, it probably has something to do with the fact that Charlize Theron could literally read the dictionary while staring seductively into the camera and we’d still tune in. Check out the funny video below…

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